Document Storage Huntsville and Florence, AL

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It doesn't have to be this way!

Document Storage Huntsville and Florence, AL 

While large businesses are taking their data storage and security seriously, the same cannot be said for small businesses.  No matter the size of the business, they typically deal with a great deal of client and employee information, which the client and employee assume is being handled and protected in a safe and secure manner.  However, many small businesses do not appear to understand the risk posed by data breaches, and are doing little to prevent them from occurring.

More than half of small businesses do not employ an individual whose responsibility is specifically data security, nor do they outsource to a company that can provide secure data storage solutions or document destruction.

While all businesses are concerned with costs and expenditures, most small business owners are, of course, even more cost conscious.  They also seem to underestimate the financial implications of lost or stolen data.  When you consider that data breaches caused from insufficient data security or data storage, cause nearly 80% of small businesses to file for bankruptcy or have major financial losses less than 2 years after the data breach.  With this information now quantified, hopefully more businesses will ensure and insure the longevity of their business with extremely cost effective solutions for secure data storage and document shredding.

The cost of securing your data has become easier and less expensive with technology increases.  Gone are the days of visiting a warehouse to search for a box of 10 year old documents.  With online document storage solutions you can safely and securely access your information from anywhere with an Internet connection.  Document storage costs are likely much less than you think.  And if you are paying too much, we can likely help you reduce storage costs for your office.

In the meantime, follow a few suggestions for your office:

1)     Create a specific policy designed to limit exposure of sensitive data and limit exposure to fraud and data breaches

2)     Train your employees and refresh them on your data security and data destruction policies each year to ensure proper document management

3)     Purchase or create a secure, locked console for storage of sensitive data that needs to be discarded or shredded

4)     Shred all documents that are no longer needed, just to be safe

5)     Don’t overlook your computers and photocopiers, the physical destruction of their hard drives is the only proven way to protect that stored data


If you would rather not worry with the hassle of implementation, please call Lambert Record Center, we would love to offer you a FREE consultation to assess your needs and provide you a prompt quote.  We have been serving North Alabama for over 20 years.  We look forward to working with you soon!